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To cultivate a compassionate community of knowledge aspirants committed to the ongoing exchange of expertise. Our mission is to ignite a collective passion for promoting Lean Agile awareness, empowering individuals to support each other on their journey towards agility and achieving superior outcomes.


Our vision is to create a united non-profit global community championing agility in all dimensions - from technology to leadership, business, and personal growth. Through collaboration, support, and recognition, we empower individuals to drive positive change and embrace agility.

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Five Diamond


  •  Connectivity: Embrace diversity, inclusivity and welcome members from all over the world

  •  Credibility: Act with honesty, transparency, and integrity in all interactions

  •  Collaboration: Working together towards common goals

  •  Compassion: Show empathy and support towards fellow community members

  •  Capability: Empower individuals to support and uplift each other on their journey


About APGI

What is APGI?

The aim of this group is to focus on & share Technical Practices used across organizations which help build agility in teams & also make best practices visible.

In the era of agility, swift, faster-paced development, “APGI” is looking for people who share a common mindset, practices, goals, and interests. This group provides a stage or a platform for:


  • Knowledge Sharing: Technical & Process oriented best practices of Agile and Lean .

  • Geek'o'meter: Awaken the technocrat in you. Specially focused Technical Best Practices sharing and help to implement it.

  • Expert's Hive: Expert solutions on core concepts, challenges & problems at hand which are blockers in agility.

  • Help'n' grow: contribute to the Agile community & spread the Scrum word and initiatives and help them get knowledge and certified.

  • Recognition: We also intend to felicitate the good work put up by individuals in the area of work which helps agility in teams.

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