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In-Person vs Online Conference

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

I am a fan of offline or so called in person conferences. It means that I prefer offline to online. There are quite a few reasons for this.

  1. Personal touch : I can see and individual in front of me and trust its really happening with no confusion at all. After all I believe I can see and touch. Trust comes easy. I can handshake and emotionally connect.

  2. Environment : I can really feel it. People around talking about it and I am submerged in to it. unlike at home where I have 2 different environment and the one which can distract me is real and nearby.

  3. Networking : The networking opportunities that in person conference provide - just can't be matched by online ones.

  4. The Food : Most conferences provide food and the wisdom says connections are made over food - just holds true

I have been part of few online conference during pandemic but just could not continue or finish it 100%. The reception of knowledge was also very less due to distraction.

This is my view. Please share your views.

Author : Vijay Wade : ( - +91 9405045060)

What conference type you like?

  • Online

  • In-Person

  • 50-50 (Both)

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