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APGI group was born in 2015.


However, it was coined to become Agile Practitioners Group of India (APGI) in 2016.
Over the past year or so, our group has evolved from a 3-member team to about 300 members. We have facilitated a lot of Agile get-togethers and meetups. We started this group to share ideas on Agility in our day-to-day lives of our practitioners.
Later, we felt like there are quite a few groups who talk about agility but the same set of people are participating in the conferences and the knowledge is limited to them with hardly a few takeaways for the actual practitioners. Hence, we decided to have a group of practitioners and to reach out to them at there workplace, where they work and that's how we started having associations with corporate houses.
Thanks to those companies who housed us in our early phases of our starting the journey.
To name a few -

  • Siemens
  • Cap Gemini
  • AllScripts
  • Zensar
  • & Many more

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The ultimate aim of this group is to focus on & share Technical Practices used across organizations which helps build agility in teams & also make best practices visible.

In the era of agility, swift, faster paced development, “APGI” is looking for people who share common mindset, practices, goals and interests. This group provides a stage or a platform for:

  • Knowledge Sharing: Technical & Process oriented best practices of Agile and Lean
  • Geek'o'meter: Awaken the technocrat in you. Specially focused Technical Best Practices sharing and help implementing it.
  • Expert's Hive: Expert solutions on core concepts, challenges & problems at hand which are blockers in agility
  • Help'n' grow: contribute to Agile community & spread the Scrum word and initiatives and help them get knowledge and certified
  • Recognition: We also intent to felicitate the good work put up by individuals in the area of work which helps agility in teams

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"I was impressed with the way practitioners in this group showed enthusiasm in conducting events and sharing knowledge. I never thought of looking back on making this group a big and valuable since it has a lot of potential talent. Earlier we thought of having one meetup every quarter but with enthusiasm flowing we also ended up doing 2 meetups in a month and at least one per month. Thanks team for making it really enjoyable and progressive journey. I really see it growing group and someday it will really count on Indian User groups scenario.

                                                                              Vijay Wade

What this group is all about?

Kundan Kailas Satpute,


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Initiator and Volunteer


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Agile Practitioners Group of India